Jane Gould is the voice of Dear Ms. Smartphone.

Her interest in 'Dear Ms. Smartphone' began in 2017, while working on two separate projects:  social media to reach drivers distracted by smartphones in their cars and  volunteering  with seniors to teach them smartphone skills to use rideshare on Uber and Lyft.  She postponed publishing a second book called "The Really Smartphone"  in order to concentrate on the  'DearSmartphone' site.

Communication theory suggests that successful campaigns, ranging from seat-belt/buckle up campaigns to share the road, often use a lighter touch, humor, and narrative.  Jane studied communication theory for her PhD at the Annenberg School of  Communications-University of Pennsylvania.

Prior to that she worked as a print and TV journalist.

Following graduate school she worked in telecommunications.  While at AT&T/Bell, she became interested in the future of telephony and digital technologies. She then pursued this interest as a post-doc at the Institute for Transportation Studies, UC Irvine. Her primary research has been on the future of electric vehicles, home shopping, home delivery and telework.  She has co- authored more than a dozen published academic papers on these topics, and tracked their diffusion through surveys and public opinion.  Her experience with public opinion surveys led her to write an early and seminal paper on the future of smartphone mobility and research.

Jane worked at London Business School as a researcher, and at UCLA as a transportation planner. At UCLA she developed both the "BruinGo" and the "Read and Ride" campaigns. The latter encouraged  commuters to try transit and fill the idle time with reading over Wifi. She also created campaigns to encourage safer pedestrian and bicycle trips. More recently, she has worked on the social factors surrounding autonomous vehicles. Many of these transportation topics are synthesized in her 2014 book called "Aging in Suburbia." (amazon.com/authors/janegould) and on her blog: www.grayhomesgreencars.com

Official Biography:

Jane Gould