Jane Gould, PhD

 Transportation and Telecommunications

 Author, "Aging in Suburbia"

Welcome Home!! 

"Welcome Home"-  but where will home be in the future? 

 In my 2014 book, called "Aging in Suburbia: The Must-Have Conversation about Homes and Driving," we look at the rocketing changes for real estate, driven by technology, transportation, and aging. Homes are both a safe-haven and a financial investment, hopefully like an ATM we can tap in times of need.

 What is  the outlook for residential real estate as Boomers entire retirement? Today, there are 78 million Baby Boomers in the U.S. and, close to 40 million households.  Boomers have had a mixed- relationship with real-estate, buying at double digit interest rates, seeing their properties greatly appreciate, and then drop in value by  30% or more. What are the trends, as the housing market recovers and Boomers say they wish to "age in place"?